Epona Health Quantum Touch

Quantum Touch is a method of hands on healing by employing only a very light touch and using the correct breathing techniques, I can profoundly accelerate the body’s own healing response.

The effect is so immediate and extraordinary that clients seen bones in their body spontaneously realigning themselves with only a light touch. Since the body naturally knows where to place these bones they then rest in their rightful place. Structural realignment, pain and inflammation are quickly reduced while organs, systems and glands become balanced.

The ability to heal is an inherent part of people’s essential nature. When working with Quantum Touch, I hold the highest vibration I can which becomes the dominant frequency. My clients body energy will simply entrain with and match my vibration. In other words I will raise the energy in my body, so that my client can raise the energy of their body so that they can heal themselves. All I do is provide the resonant energy to allow others to heal themselves.

The innate body intelligence of the person receiving the energy will do whatever the body deems useful to cause healing to occur. The body heals itself with an unfathomable level of intelligence.