Cape Town Kinesiology Crystal Healing

When the physical body shows signs of dis-ease the true reasons for it are often hidden. Suppressed or unresolved mental and emotional conflicts can surface and manifest in the physical body. These seeds of emotional upset and mental stress are often sown long before the body displays symptoms of imbalance.

As children grow up there are many experiences that cause confusion and hurt feelings. Unable to process or understand the reasons for life events, a child will often suppress and store away these unpleasant feelings somewhere inside him/her self. Sooner or later these unresolved conflicts will show up in attitudes, belief systems, destructive habits and physical imbalances. The body becomes a storehouse of outdated, misunderstood and unresolved events. Different parts of the body tend to retain specific types of emotions: the heart- sorrow, the lungs- grief, the liver- anger, the stomach- anxiety and fear. These impressions are also recorded in the auric energy field surrounding the body. When old thought forms, or past emotional conflicts cloud the aura, it becomes difficult for the inner light to radiate and be expressed. This can make the person even more vulnerable to negative internal or environmental influences.

In the process of healing dis-ease with Crystal Healing it is important not to look only at the physical symptoms, but also the underlying mental and emotional causes. Until now there have been a few methods that could effectively treat the more subtle mind/heart blockages. Now with the knowledge of the healing power of stones, the physical, psychic and emotional bodies can be healed and aligned.

Crystal healing through the art of laying stones is one of the most advanced and effective methods of cleansing the aura, releasing suppressed traumas and connecting a person with his/ her own source of truth and power. The power to change and heal and to learn inherent lessons from life events. To forgive and let go, to make conscious decisions, the power to exercise compassion and patience, and most of all the power to love one’s self. All these can be claimed and owned once the old patterns are released. Crystals and stones assist in this self- empowering process by increasing the amount of light present in the aura, which stimulates and activates the more powerful subtle realms of being.

This increased energy frequency serves to dissolve and dissipate the dark shadows of suppressed or unreleased pain that cloud the aura, confuse the mind and dis-ease the body. The crystals can neutralise this negative charge and it is released from the mental-physical blockages. The transforming power of the stones recirculates that energy to its source, to be used for conscious purpose. It is then the responsibility of the individual receiving the healing to let go of the old and receive the new energy, using it to recreate a positive identity based in self- love and inner truth. This then becomes the foundation upon which dreams are built and visions lived.