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Using crystals for chakra cleansing

Posted by admin on November - 14 - 2011

Life is so hectic! Over the next few weeks it would be great to cleanse the chakras so we can embrace the busy times ahead, let go and just have fun. You can cleanse the chakras every day or every week, it all depends on how you feel.  You will be amazed how much lighter you feel and how much easier life, is to cope with in general. Rebalancing your  [ Read More ]

Applied Kinesiology, Allergies and Food Intolerance

Posted by admin on August - 17 - 2011
kinesiology and allergis and food intolerance

A food allergy develops when your immune system treats a food you have eaten as an invader, not s friend. This can happen for a number of reasons- the food may contain a kind of protein, that the body does not like or when the inside lining of the digestive tract becomes more permeable or normally ‘leaky’ due to antibiotic use, excess alcohol consumption, gut infection and excessive physical or  [ Read More ]