Using crystals for chakra cleansing

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Life is so hectic! Over the next few weeks it would be great to cleanse the chakras so we can embrace the busy times ahead, let go and just have fun. You can cleanse the chakras every day or every week, it all depends on how you feel.  You will be amazed how much lighter you feel and how much easier life, is to cope with in general. Rebalancing your chakras will bring equilibrium to the system as a whole. You can either carry the stones in your pocket, bra or handbag or place them on the body in there correct positions when you are lying down either meditating or relaxing. You can also place them under your pillow or your bed when you are sleeping

  1. 1. The Base chakra is where we store our financial, security and safety issues. It is located at the base of the spine and can become dirty, enlarged or shrinks, due to fears and concerns we hold related to these issues. Use a black or red stone between your legs or at the base of your spine to balance physical energy, motivation and practicality and to promote a sense of reality. There are a few crystals we can use to cleanse this chakra and therefore rid ourselves of these fears or imbalances. Good stones for the base chakra are Bloodstone, Carnelian, Red jasper and Smoky quartz

Positive affirmation: I know that I am perfectly protected in all ways and that all my needs are met and provided for at every moment.

2. The Sacral chakra is located four inches above the base chakra or just below the navel. It is where we store our appetites and desires. Use an orange stone to balance creativity and to release stress and blocks in your life that prevent enjoyment. Stones for the sacral chakra include Orange Carnelian, Orange Calcite and Citrine.

Positive affirmation: I am harmoniously aligned with the ceaseless flow of supply and love that springs from the golden fountain of light within my centre

3. The Solar Plexus chakra is the centre of power and control. It is located around our navel or just below the rib cage. Use a yellow stone in this position to clear your thoughts, reduce anxiety and improve confidence. Stones for the solar plexus include Yellow tourmaline, Golden beryl, yellow jasper and yellow calcite.

Positive affirmation: I graciously accept and fearlessly activate all of my power now

4. The Heart chakra is found in the centre of the chest. It is where we store our love for ourselves and for others. Use a green or pink stone to balance your relationship with others and the world, to increase calm and create a sense of direction in life. Stones for the heart chakra include Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Rhodonite, Chrysocolla and Green sapphire and Emerald

Positive affirmation: I now fully allow myself to give and receive love. I am safe and I am loved

5. The Throat chakra is found at the throat. This is the centre of communication. Use a light blue stone here to ease communication difficulties, express yourself in the right way and brings peacefulness back into your life. Stones for the throat chakra include Turquoise, Blue Lace Agate, Aquamarine, Blue Topaz, Lepidolite and Blue Obsidian

Positive affirmation: I allow my higher self and Holy Spirit to speak through me today in all of my communications. I step back and let spirit lead the way and all of my communications are perfectly ordered and guided. Today everyone I come in to contact with benefits from listening to my words.

6. The Brow or Third Eye chakra is found in the middle of the forehead. This is the centre of your spiritual sight. Use dark blue or indigo coloured stones to increase understanding, access ideas and promote intuitive skills and memory. Stones for The Third eye chakra include Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, Royal Sapphire and Kyanite.

Positive affirmation: I am safe as I allow my higher self to see the truth. My vision is perfectly ordered and illuminated by love.

7. The Crown chakra is situated just above the top of the head. This is our connection to God and our higher selves/ purpose. A violet stone placed in this position integrates and balances all aspects of the self- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Stones for the Crown chakra include Amethyst, Sugilite, Purple Jasper and Purple Fluorite

Positive affirmation: I know that I am perfectly safe as I follow my inner spiritual guidance. I allow this guidance to lead me to beautiful opportunities where I share my true nature as a powerful, loving spiritual being.