Applied Kinesiology

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Applied Kinesiology Cape Town

Applied kinesiology is a general impersonal response to the ‘field of consciousness’ itself- bypassing the personality or brain of the client. Applied kinesiology taps into the universal ever present permanent field of energy which we call consciousness. The applied kinesiology test is a general response of this consciousness to a statement, the energy of a substance or an investigation into the level of consciousness.

The energy field of consciousness records all aspects of life in minute detail. All that exists, or has ever existed, is automatically imprinted in a readable, timeless, non- local dimension.

This field of consciousness is a permanent recording that is quickly and easily retrieved by muscle testing or the use of a pendulum. With the pendulum, that which is true, beneficial or pro-life gives a positive response (clockwise spin) stemming from the impersonal field of consciousness, which is present in every living thing.  With muscle testing the positive response is indicated by the body’s musculature going strong. (An arm pressure or foot locking technique is used) If the statement is false, the muscle goes weak or the pendulum swings in an ant-i clockwise direction.

Through Applied kinesiology we can pick up any syndromes that may be affecting your health, to find out what is going on in the physical body.